Does Depression Ever Go Away?

Does depression ever go away on its own? Is it curable? Read on to find the answers and learn more about how long depression lasts, if left untreated.   Will my depression ever go away? It’s important to understand that depression is a mental health condition that needs special attention and treatment. It’s not something that you can just easily ‘snap out of’. In fact, the symptoms of depression can only get even worse, if left untreated in hopes that it will just simply go away.  Untreated clinical depression can lead to more serious symptoms, including uncontrollable anger and suicidal thou…

Does Depression Ever Go Away?


Herbal Medicine For Depression

Herbal medicine for depression – that’s St John’s Wort isn’t it? Well, perhaps, but actually there are a number of herbs that affect our mood and energy levels. St John’s Wort just happens to be the herb currently in fashion as the most popular over the counter herbal remedy for application in this area. Your depression is different… But does what you call “depression” mean the same as what everyone else means? Perhaps your cycle of differing moods and associated anxiety or insomnia that leads to your rushing around all day needs a different approach to the person who just wants to lie in bed all day? Get …

Herbal Medicine For Depression

Morning Depression The Causes And Cures

If your morning mood is particularly lower than how you feel the rest of the day, then you might be suffering from morning depression. Here you’ll learn more about some of the possible causes and cures of morning depression.  Are there known causes ? One of the known causes of morning depression is a circadian rhythm disorder. This is a sleep disorder that affects your circadian rhythm or body clock. Studies show that the rhythm of hormones, such as melatonin and cortisol can affect your sleep cycle, which also has a significant impact on your mood.  Some of the other possible causes of morning depression include lack of e…

Morning Depression